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Optimal Warm-Up



An optimal warm-up to increase the weight that you lift during your working set(s) would be as follows:

Let’s use the barbell bench press as an example with a goal working set weight of 225 lbs.

5 minute warm-up on the cardio equipment of your choice.

Dynamic warm-up exercises to warm-up the shoulders, chest and triceps.

1st set-5 reps-45 lbs.

2nd set-3 reps-95 lbs.

3rd set-1 rep-135 lbs.

4th set-1 rep-185 lbs.

Working set (4-6 or 6-8) reps with 225lbs.

I guarantee that the weight that you normally use on your working set will be increased by 5-10% with this method.

Please let me know how this warm-up works for you.